Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Lewis: the only possibility left

Tuesday, February 5, 2019
    Commemoration of Martyrs of Japan, 1597
    [Jesus:] “I tell you, whoever acknowledges me before men, the Son of Man will also acknowledge him before the angels of God. But he who disowns me before men will be disowned before the angels of God.”
    —Luke 12:8,9 (NIV)
    In the long run, the answer to all those who object to the doctrine of hell is... a question: “What are you asking God to do?” To wipe out their past sins and, at all costs, to give them a fresh start, smoothing every difficulty and offering every miraculous help? But He has done so, on Calvary. To forgive them? They will not be forgiven. To leave them alone? Alas, I am afraid that that is what He does.
    ... C. S. Lewis (1898-1963), The Problem of Pain, New York: Macmillan, 1944, p. 116 (see the book)
    See also Luke 12:8-9; Ps. 32:1-2; Matt. 12:31-32; Luke 17:15-18; Acts 2:37-38; Rom. 8:5-9
Quiet time reflection:
    Lord, You never forget Your people.
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