Sunday, September 21, 2014

Law: not good enough

Sunday, September 21, 2014
    Feast of Matthew, Apostle & Evangelist
    “Consider carefully what you hear,” [Jesus] continued. “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more.”
    —Mark 4:24 (NIV)
    Shall I withhold a little money or food from my fellow-creature, for fear he should not be good enough to receive it of me? Do I beg of God to deal with me, not according to my merit, but according to His own great goodness; and shall I be so absurd, as to withhold my charity from a poor brother, because he may perhaps not deserve it? Shall I use a measure towards him, which I pray God never to use towards me?
    ... William Law (1686-1761), A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life [1728], London: Methuen, 1899, p. 73 (see the book)
    See also Mark 4:24; Ps. 31:9; Matt. 5:42; 7:1-2; Luke 6:30,38; 14:12-14; Rom. 8:28; 2 Thess. 1:6-7; Heb. 13:16; Jas. 2:12-13; 1 John 1:9
Quiet time reflection:
    Lord, loosen my grip on things, that I may be charitable.
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