Sunday, July 05, 2020

Zinzendorf: Jesus, the endless praise to Thee

Sunday, July 5, 2020
    For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men—the testimony given in its proper time.
    —1 Timothy 2:5-6 (NIV)
Jesu, be endless praise to Thee,
Whose boundless mercy hath for me—
For me a full atonement made,
An everlasting ransom paid.

O let the dead now hear Thy voice;
Now bid Thy banished ones rejoice;
Their beauty this, their glorious dress,
Jesu, Thy blood and righteousness.
    ... Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1700-1760) & John Wesley (1703-1791), The Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley, v. I, Charles Wesley, London: Wesleyan-Methodist Conference Office, 1868, p. 349 (see the book)
    See also 1 Tim. 2:5-6; Isa. 35:10; Matt. 20:26-28; Rom. 3:25-26; Tit. 3:4-7; Heb. 2:17
Quiet time reflection:
    Lord, we who were dead have heard Your call.

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