Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Augustine: dominion

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
    Feast of Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Martyr, c.107
    For this perhaps is why [Onesimus] was parted from you for a while, that you might have him back forever, no longer as a slave but more than a slave, as a beloved brother—especially to me, but how much more to you, both in the flesh and in the Lord.
    —Philemon 1:15-16 (ESV)
    Having made man in His own image, a rational being, He meant him to be lord only over irrational beings: not man set over man, but man set over beasts... The first cause of servitude is sin, by which man is subjected to man by the bonds of his condition... But by that nature in which God formerly created man, nobody is slave either to man or to sin.
    ... St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430), The City of God, v. II, Marcus Dods, ed., as vol. 2 of The Works of Aurelius Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, Edinbugh: T & T Clark, 1871, XIX.xv, p. 324-325 (see the book)
    See also Philemon 1:15-16; Dan. 9:5-19; John 8:34; Rom. 6:19-23; 7:14,25; 2 Pet. 2:19
Quiet time reflection:
    Make plain to me, Lord, my mistreatment of those under me.
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